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I am a Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bayreuth. My field of research is human-computer interaction. Before joining the University of Bayreuth, I worked as an Associate Professor at Aarhus University, as a Senior Researcher at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin, and as a visiting Associate Professor at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin.

My research interests include modelling, simulation and optimization of human-computer interaction using dynamical systems models, biomechanical simulation of human-computer interaction, ultrasonic levitation interfaces, and augmented and virtual reality.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Müller
Institute for Computer Science
University of Bayreuth
Universitätsstraße 30
95447 Bayreuth
Jörg Müller, Antti Oulasvirta, Roderick Murray-Smith

Control Theoretic Models of Pointing
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, Vol. 24, No. 4, August 2017

[pdf] [project website]
Jörg Müller

Dynamics of Pointing with Pointer Acceleration
Analyzes and models pointing dynamics in reciprocal pointing with pointer acceleration.
Tiare Feuchtner, Jörg Müller

Ownershift: Facilitating Overhead Interaction in Virtual Reality with an Ownership-Preserving Hand Space Shift

Andreas Fender, Philipp Herholz, Marc Alexa, Jörg Müller

OptiSpace: Automated Placement of Interactive 3D Projection Mapping Content

[pdf] [video] [teaser]
Soeren Qvist Jensen, Andreas Fender, Jörg Müller

Inpher: Inferring Physical Properties of Virtual Objects from Mid-Air Interaction

[pdf] [video] [teaser]
Andreas Fender, David Lindlbauer, Philipp Herholz, Marc Alexa, Jörg Müller

HeatSpace: Automatic Placement of Displays by Empirical Analysis of User Behavior

[pdf] [video] [teaser] [talk at UIST]
David Lindlbauer, Jörg Müller, Marc Alexa

Changing the Appearance of Objects By Modifying Their Surroundings
ACM CHI '17, 11 pages, to appear
Presents an approach to alter the perceived appearance of physical objects by controlling their surrounding space.
Tiare Feuchtner, Jörg Müller

Extending the Body for Interaction with Reality
ACM CHI '17, 11 pages, to appear
Explores how users can control remote devices with a virtual long arm, while preserving the perception that the artificial arm is actually part of their own body.
David Lindlbauer, Jörg Müller, Marc Alexa

Changing the Appearance of Physical Interfaces Through Controlled Transparency
ACM UIST '16, 11 pages.
Presents physical interfaces that change their appearance through controlled transparency.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] [talk at UIST] [project website]
David Lindlbauer, Jens Emil Grĝnbĉk, Morten Birk, Kim Halskov, Marc Alexa, Jörg Müller

Combining Shape-Changing Interfaces and Spatial Augmented Reality Enables Extended Object Appearance
ACM CHI '16, 10 pages.
Proposes combining shape-changing interfaces and spatial augmented reality for extending the space of appearances and interactions of actuated interfaces.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] [talk at CHI] [project website]
David Lindlbauer, Klemen Lilija, Robert Walter, Jörg Müller

Influence of Display Transparency on Background Awareness and Task Performance
ACM CHI '16, 10 pages.
Shows that transparent displays are better for working while observing the background compared to conventional displays moved to the side.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] CHI 2016 BEST PAPER HONORABLE MENTION
Tobias Sonne, Jörg Müller, Paul Marshall, Carsten Obel, Kaj Grĝnbĉk

Changing Family Practices with Assistive Technology: MOBERO Improves Morning and Bedtime Routines for Children with ADHD
ACM CHI '16, 10 pages.
Presents a field study that shows that a smartphone app can improve morning and bedtime routines for children with ADHD.
Jörg Müller, Dieter Eberle, Constantin Schmidt

BaseLase: An Interactive Focus+Context Laser Floor
ACM CHI '15, 10 pages.
Covers a very large floor area (75m2) with a low resolution context projector, while it provides three movable high-resolution focus spots.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] [talk at CHI] [mp4] [teaser mp4] [jpg] [jpg] CHI 2015 BEST PAPER AWARD
Viktor Miruchna, Robert Walter, David Lindlbauer, Maren Lehmann, Regine von Klitzing, Jörg Müller

GelTouch: Localized Tactile Feedback Through Thin, Programmable Gel
ACM UIST '15, 8 pages.
GelTouch is a thin gel-based layer that can selectively transition between soft and stiff (up to 25 times stiffer) to provide multi-touch tactile feedback.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] [talk at UIST] [mp4]
Robert Walter, Andreas Bulling, David Lindlbauer, Martin Schuessler, Jörg Müller

Analyzing Visual Attention During Whole Body Interaction with Public Displays
ACM UBICOMP '15, 5 pages.
Results from an eye-tracking analysis on display contents reveal that visual attention is mostly on users' silhouette while peripheral screen elements remain largely unattended.
[pdf] [video] [mp4]
David Lindlbauer, Toru Aoki, Robert Walter, Yuji Uema, Anita Höchtl, Michael Haller, Masahiko Inami, Jörg Müller

Tracs: Transparency-control for see-through displays
A dual-sided see-through display system with controllable transparency.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] [mp4] [teaser mp4] [png] [png]
Jörg Müller, Matthias Geier, Christina Dicke, Sascha Spors

The BoomRoom: Mid-air Direct Interaction with Virtual Sound Sources
ACM CHI '14, 10 pages.
Enables users to interact with virtual sound sources in mid-air.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] [mp4]
Jörg Müller, Dieter Eberle, Konrad Tollmar

Communiplay: A Field Study of a Public Display Mediaspace
ACM CHI '14, 10 pages.
Enables passers-by of public displays to interact with remote users, and demonstrates the local and remote Honeypot effect.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] [mp4]
Nina Valkanova, Robert Walter, Andrew Vande Moere, Jörg Müller

MyPosition: Sparking Civic Discourse by a Public Interactive Poll Visualization
ACM CSCW '14, 10 pages.
An interactive poll visualization designed to support in-situ civic discourse.
[pdf] [video]
Constantin Schmidt, Jörg Müller, Gilles Bailly

Screenfinity: Extending the Perception Area of Content on Very Large Public Displays
ACM CHI '13, 10 pages.
Investigates how passers-by of very long displays can read text while walking.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] CHI 2013 BEST PAPER AWARD
Robert Walter, Gilles Bailly, Jörg Müller

StrikeAPose: Revealing Mid-Air Gestures on Public Displays
ACM CHI '13, 10 pages.
Investigates how to teach mid-air gesture registration for immediate usability.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] CHI 2013 BEST PAPER HONORABLE MENTION
Jörg Müller, Robert Walter, Gilles Bailly, Michael Nischt, Florian Alt

Looking Glass: A Field Study on Noticing Interactivity of a Shop Window
ACM CHI '12, 10 pages.
Investigates how passers-by notice that a shop window is interactive.
[pdf] [video] [teaser] CHI 2012 BEST PAPER AWARD
Gilles Bailly, Jörg Müller, Michael Rohs, Daniel Wigdor, Sven Kratz

ShoeSense: A New Perspective on Hand Gestures and Wearable Applications
ACM CHI '12, 10 pages.
Proposes the shoe as location for wearable depth sensors, enabling subtle and expressive gestures.
[pdf] [video] [teaser]
Maurice ten Koppel, Gilles Bailly, Jörg Müller, Robert Walter

Chained Displays: Configurations of Public Displays can be used to influence Actor-, Audience-, and Passer-By Behavior
ACM CHI '12, 10 pages.
Investigates how convex, concave and flat displays influence nimbus & focus and audience behavior.
Gilles Bailly, Jörg Müller, Eric Lecolinet

Design and Evaluation of Finger-Count Interaction: Combining Multitouch gestures and Menus
Journal of Human Computer Studies, June 2012, 25 pages.